We take care of your security

BFK edv-consulting GmbH originates from the MicroBIT Virus Center of the computer center at the University of Karlsruhe, whose outstanding research and publications about computer viruses and sabotage led to an intensive demand in industry and public institutions. The increasing need of consultancy services quickly exceeded the capacities of the scholastic structured MicroBIT Virus Center. At the end of 1989 BFK was founded and turned into an equivalent of an LLC in April 1990.

In a short amount of time BFK edv-consulting GmbH developed its businesses from pure anti-virus-consulting to comprehensive IT-security consulting. Due to the growing complexity of the topics, we expanded our team and our facilities. Today BFK is located at Kriegsstrasse, Karlsruhe.

Our main competences are:

  • preventive security consulting (security concepts, penetration tests, support in development)
  • emergency support (incident response, digital forensics)
  • open source monitoring

BFK has - apart from its over the years experience - an international network and cooperations at it's disposal which enables a swift and targeted approach to complex tasks.