Passive DNS replication

As a service to CERTs and incident response teams, BFK uses passive DNS replication to collect public DNS data. Compared to the ordinary domain name system, this database adds further search capabilities.
This web interface must not be used for automated queries. For details about bulk queries please contact:
the operator



Please enter your query in the input field above. You can enter IP addresses and domain names. A short explanation of the output follows.

  • IP address:
    Known A RRs for this IP address are displayed, and CNAME RRs pointing to those records are included as well.
    Furthermore, DNSBL entries for the IP address are displayed.
  • Domain Name:
    Resource records containing the domain name are shown.

There is a per-query limit of 100 records. New records are delayed by at least 20 Minutes. Only records observed within the last 7 days will be displayed.

Privacy Concerns

The data presented here has been collected from the public Domain Name System using passive DNS replication. Technical measures ensure anonymization of data sources.